Costa Rica

Hey guys! Here's a mesh of the digital photos I've taken during my recent trip to Costa Rica. 

Debbie, Michael and I took off for a week last March to explore a little bit of this gorgeous country. We stayed in Manuel Antonio, Quepos for most of the week, and the last couple of days in the capital San Jose. 

Here are a couple tips to help you make the best of your trip!

- the sun goes down by 5 pm ish in the beginning of March. It helps a lot to try to plan out your day a little bit if you're wanting to go on little photo adventures

- it's super toasty, but the humidity WILL fog up the lens and mirror of your camera. I like to leave my camera outside my accommodation for a few minutes before going off and shooting to let it adjust to the humidity. 

- neither of us drive, so it was a little bit difficult getting around for the first couple of days, especially not being able to call a cab from the AirBnb. We've tried walking from the accommodation to the main strip of Manuel Antonio with restaurants, and it's such a long winding road with many hills. That plus the heat, no thank you. There's a bus that runs frequently up and down the main road from the bus loop in the town of Quepos up to the Manuel Antonio National Park though, and it's less than $2 each way. 

- not knowing much Spanish, I've dragged my friends down some roads we shouldn't have gone down (oops.) We ended up at an abandoned property with no roofing and awesome colours. Looks sweet for photos, though it's guarded by a few dogs who barked, snapped, and chased us out. It was an honest mistake, and I wouldn't want to disrespect the locals by making it the "new instagram spot." Just watch out for the dogs. 

- try to get familiar with the currency exchanges, as when buying all the pretty elephant pants and whatnot, the vendors will try to rip you off, but in a way where they sound like they're giving you a deal. Also comparing prices from shop to shop will help a ton! 

- like a lot of people say, San Jose is a bit grimier. I wouldn't recommend staying there for more than a day. The main strip downtown with the chain shops and clubs compares to the Granville Strip here in Vancouver. It's just dirtier and crime ridden. Definitely feels less safe at night, watch your cameras and your wallet! 

Hope any of this helps!

February Long Weekend in Victoria, BC

Victoria has such a different vibe from Vancouver. Their buildings, their people, their seagulls, the whole lot of it. Here are a few photos I've captured in between experiencing it all with Michael! 

Whytecliff Park w/ Kelen

The weather here in Vancouver hasn't been all that great lately. The rain is just light enough that you don't need an umbrella, but heavy enough that you still get soaked after walking in it for a few minutes. As annoying as it is, Kelen and I decided we're not gonna let it stop us from doing what we love. Here are some of my shots from our little hang out yesterday!

Kelen's instagram: @kapturethelight